Hello, stranger!

After some tumultuous times with an ever-crashing wordpress setup, I decided to switch to Ghost, a blogging platform built on node.js focused on simplicity.

I'm no fan of node.js, but I'm surprised by how un-buggy this thing is. (Also, writing in Markdown with such a simple interface is a big change from Wordpress)

Enough nerd-talk: What's this blog about?

I can't help but think at all the experiences/opinions I wanted to share these last years and got lost due to the lack of a robust blog... so I might start by writing about things like "Moving abroad, twice EDIT: four times!", or "The wonders of oatmeal and cottage cheese" (yum).

Obviously, as a nerd developer and student in Machine Learning and Computer Science, I will talk about various tech-oriented subjects (namely: Python, machine learning, coding patterns, write-ups about projects/hackathons, etc.)

I hope you'll enjoy reading me. Please let me know what you think, and don't hesitate to send me a mail if you have any questions or suggestions.