I participated to my first PyCon a couple weeks ago (12-13 May 2015, in Stockholm, Sweden) and it was great! To make things even better, I had the chance to give a quick introductory talk on Machine Learning and data processing with Python. This is heavily inspired by my previous workshop, but improved with feedback I've got on reddit and from friends, and adapted to a PyCon audience!

You can watch a recording of the talk:

And/or read through the slides:

PyCon Sweden was really something: lots of interesting talks, lots of interesting people, and a surprising focus on data science!

Here are a couple talks I really recommend to anyone passionate enough to read this post:

  • Hacking human language: really nice introduction to some NLP techniques, with a focus on word2vec. Really cool stuff!
  • Analyzing data with pandas: Pandas is an amazing tool whether you just want to open and visualize some CSV file or you want to do complex aggregations, analysis and data sanitisation. I learned a lot from this talk!

See you next year!