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My pixelated face.

Hi! I'm Ahmed Kachkach

I have 6+ years of experience applying Machine Learning to improve products used by millions of people.

I specialize in ranking, recommender systems, and deep learning.


Currently a Senior Software Engineer at Google (Zürich, Switzerland).

Previously interned at Spotify, Mozilla, iZettle, and Detectify.

I graduated with:

  • MSc in Machine Learning from KTH.
  • MSc in Software Engineering from INSA de Lyon.

AI mentorship and consulting

I advise companies on how to best use their data to improve product engagement and revenue.

Companies I recently advised:

  • Unifai
  • CherryPick
  • Loyal Guru
  • matchmarket

  • Reach out if you have any questions: ahmed@kachkach.com

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